The Organizing Committee is unable to cover participants’ travel costs (accommodation and travel).

You can book the hotel in St. Petersburg by your own using the sites:

Below is a list of recommended hotels for accommodation.
(Note: The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the level of prices, quality of service of the recommended hotels. The list of hotels is formed due to the positive experience of the previous conferences participants'.


Accommodation near St. Petersburg University
(15 minutes walk to the University)

"Shelfort" Hotel. 26, 3-rd Liniya V.O.

Hotel "Trezzini". 21, Bolshoy prospect V.O.

Hotel "Sokos Palace Bridge". 2-4, Birzhevoi Pereulok  V.O.

Hotel "Sokos Vasilievsky". 11-13, 8 Liniya V.O.




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