Saint Petersburg State University
Institute of Philosophy
Department of Ethics

In collaboration with the University of Hokkaido (Japan)
and Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania)

8th International Conference
“Theoretical and Applied Ethics: Traditions and Prospects”


St. Petersburg, Russia
November 17-19, 2016

We are delighted to announce the 8th International Conference "Theoretical and Applied Ethics: Traditions and Prospects" to be held on November 17-19, 2016. Conference is organized by St. Petersburg State University (Department of Ethics, Institute of Philosophy).


The 8th Conference "Theoretical and Applied Ethics: Traditions and Prospects" continues the tradition of all-Russian and international conference on ethics at the St. Petersburg State University. As UNESCO has proclaimed the 2016 “Aristotle Anniversary Year” the main theme of the conference in 2016 celebrates the anniversary of 2400 years since the birth of prominent philosopher and his contribution to the development of ethics: “Aristotle’s Legacy and Contemporary Ethics.”

Ethics of Aristotle could be regarded as a model or an ideal of moral philosophy, not only in terms of developing ethics as an independent philosophical discipline. Reflections on of Aristotle's ethics are still giving a challenge for theoretical and methodological discussions about the foundations of ethical knowledge, its forms and perspectives. The subsequent philosophical and political tradition widely addresses the Aristotelian ideas in an attempt to overcome or develop them (A. McIntyre), or in an attempt to renew them (J. Rawls and M. Nussbaum).

In 2016 the conference develops the themes of the previous conferences “Ethics, Science, Politics” (2014), and “Justice, Freedom and Responsibility”  (2015) from the perspective of:

(A) The historical development of ethics as a systematic theory-based practical philosophy, the beginning of which was set by Aristotle;

(B) Presenting the results of study in the realm of theoretical and applied ethics in the works of foreign and domestic moral philosophers (since antiquity);

(C) Modern interdisciplinary research within ethics, and its rise and flourishing in the major academic centers: Sapporo University, Tokyo University, Yale University, University of Helsinki, University of Manchester, Moscow State University and others.

The purpose of the conference

The philosophers are invited to study the theoretical perspectives of the fundamental concepts (justice – freedom – virtue) within the modern social, political and moral theory; to construct the new theoretical and social models based on these principles; to study rational, ontological, ethical and social aspects of these phenomena; to define the application and disclosure of their specific social forms.

Among the objectives of the conference are: a comprehensive analysis of the problems associated with understanding and interpretation of the concepts of freedom, justice and virtue in various theoretical, ethical, political and legal systems, their realization in the forms of specific social and political activities, as well as in the realm of the applied and professional ethics.

Hot Topics

This year the conference addresses the ethical foundations of modern social relations and institutions. Justice, virtue and responsibility are not only the groundwork concepts of classical ethical thought, but also the foundation of modern political practices. Tension and contradiction between these concepts shapes a field of private and public life. The conference is held to give a response to social challenges, to solve the problem of relations between public and private, natural and universal, local and global. Particularly this year conference is focused on professional and applied issues (ethics of law, ethics of politics, academic ethics, bioethics, etc.).

We invite the submission of papers on the following topics:

• History of theoretical and applied ethics
• Practical philosophy of Aristotle and modern applied ethics
• Modern ethics of virtue
• Professional ethics
• Actual problems of bioethics
• Ethics of justice; freedom and justice
• Ethics and Politics
• Rational and logical ways to justify freedom
• Freedom and normativity in ethics and law
• Formal approaches to ethics and law
• Responsibility and applied ethics
• Economics of good and science of happiness
• City-state, city, space: from local to social

The conference also will include an international seminar:

“Nicomachean Ethics” in the history of European Thought
(moderator: Oleg Dushin)

The main topics of discussion at the seminar:

• The physical and metaphysical foundations of Aristotle's Ethics
• Social background of Aristotle’s ethics
• Rethinking the ideas of Aristotle in the Middle Ages
• Virtue and happiness, and the good: the lessons of Plato, Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas

Round tables:

The Logic of Normative Systems: Ethics, Politics, Law
(moderator: Elena Lisanyuk)

• Formal approaches and information technologies in the normative systems
• Practical syllogism of Aristotle and rationality in morality and law
• Logical aspects of reasoning in normative systems

Justice and Social Exclusion
(Moderator: Dmitry Gusev)

• Justice as a social “glue”?
• Theory and practice of justice
• (Un)just social exclusion

Ethical Analysis of Conflict of Values
(moderator: Vadim Perov)

• Moral conflicts and moral dilemmas
• Moral dimensions of social conflicts
• Problem of conflicts in professional and applied ethics


Conference languages: English, Russian


  • plenary lecture (up to 40 minutes + discussion)
  • panel presentation (up to 15 minutes + discussion)


Participants are welcome to submit a 200-400 words abstract by October 20, 2016.

Admission fee: 15 (10 – postgraduate students). Payment options will be provided later.

Please mind the early-bird application deadlines (September 01, 2016) if you need Russian visa (for non EU citizens it could take 35+ days to get visa).

All accepted papers are considered for publication in the printed and electronic formats (Almanac “Discourses of Ethics”).


Please visit the conference website to apply via web form: (section ‘Submit’).
Applications submitted by email will not be accepted.

Deadline for applications / abstracts’ submission: September 20, 2016.


If you have any questions please contact the Conference Coordinator:

More information at the conference website:

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